At ZING, we are proud to create high-quality toys that meet the highest safety standards. We hope you enjoy our toys.
To ensure your satisfaction with ZING products, see the FAQ section below.
If you have additional comments or concerns, please email us at infoz@ozwest.toys.


1. Where can I buy the products or get refills?

You can find our products and get refills at our retail partners and specialty stores. To find a store near you, please email infoz@ozwest.toys. You can also buy online at Zing.Store.

2. If I want to sell Zing products in my store, who should I contact?

We appreciate your interest in Zing products. Please click “Contact Us” to inquire about ordering products for your retail store.

3. Do you have an online store?

Yes! Please click “Zing.Store”.


4. How can I return or get a replacement for a broken toy?

We are sorry to hear that your toy is broken. Please contact the store where the purchase was made and inquire about the return policy. If additional assistance is needed, please contact Ozwest at infoz@ozwest.toys. If you purchased the toy at our Zing.Store, please click here to find out how to return the products.



5. Do you have any products that have been recalled?

We are happy to report we do not have any products that have been recalled.


6. If I have a product suggestion, who should I contact?

We appreciate and value your suggestions. Please click “CONTACT US” to provide your feedback.